Innovative Investment in Livestock and Meat Value Chain Development and Trade


Nigeria : Imo-Abia State

The livestock and meat sector along the West African corridor (especially Nigeria-Chad-Niger), and particularly, the meat marketing subsector is bedevilled with serious challenges ranging from archaic slaughter infrastructure and other processing facilities, unhygienic handling and environment, weak distribution networks, inability to compete with imports and weak capacity to attract investments and mobilize youth employment, etc. 

Given that most abattoirs in the region are still very rudimentary in infrastructure environment, which pose heavy public health risks and reduced the capacity of the sector for optimizing its potentials and job creation, a model small scale processing infrastructure will provide a new paradigm for West African meat and livestock chain actors. Against that backdrop that the planned project seeks to address the issues around slaughter houses, logistics as well as hygiene and health regulatory challenges related to the meat sector.


global objective 

The overarching or global objective of the planned project is to improve the processing, transportation and marketing of meat by facilitating compliance with health, safety and environmental regulations among operators in the livestock and meat sector operators.

The specific objectives are to : 

  • Increase professionalism and profitability (income earnings) among value chain actors in the livestock and meat sector through the establishment of improved meat processing facilities (integrated slaughterhouse) ;
  • Promote and instil environmental safety, hygienic standards and effective regulatory measures as best practices among meat processors and handlers through capacity building of actors in the meat value chain ; 
  • Mobilize investment and attractive employment generation targeted at youth through the livestock and meat value chain.
220,014 USD
Résultats attendus: 
  • Competitive market linkage for livestock and processed meat across the region ;
  • Improved hygienic and environmental-friendly small-scale meat processing facility, established to promote best practices ; 
  • Expanded investment, profitability, job creation and youth employment.
Partenaires Financiers: 
Direction de développement et de la coopération de la confédération suisse

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