Submission Deadline: 
15 July, 2021 - 17:00
Addendum N°1 concerning the postponement of the date of submission of applications and the age of the consultants

Applications shall be received no later than July 15, 2021 at 5:00 PM GMT, by hand-delivery or email to the following addresses:

Agence Régionale pour l'Agriculture et l'Alimentation (ARAA), 83, rue des Pâtures (Super Taco), 01 BP 4817 Lomé, Togo - Tel.+228 22 21 40 03

Email :

No age limit

Kindly find below the Addendum

The ECOWAP 2021-2023 support program defines the scope and priorities of the ECOWAS Commission for continued USAID institutional and operational support to the Directorate of Agriculture. The Directorate's mandate is to guide policy development and direct regional programming to better enable agricultural development. The operational support is directed primarily toward promoting priority policy measures on intra-regional trade. Institutional support initiatives more generally aim to accelerate the overall implementation of agreed regional and national investment plans for agriculture and food and nutrition security, with increased stakeholder engagement.

The scope and defined priorities of the 2021-2023 ECOWAP support program are consistent with what has been an ongoing and evolving relationship with USAID in West Africa. Efforts to reduce trade barriers and harmonize sanitary and phytosanitary standards remain key initiatives of the program. Building a knowledge management system and conducting effective joint sector reviews for informed national and regional decision-making are priorities for continued institutional support over the next three years. Similarly, the continued establishment of the ECOWAS Agriculture and Food Development Fund is a priority in terms of broadening the financial base for the implementation of ECOWAP.

The program's stakeholders include the 15 member countries, producer organizations, private for-profit and non-profit entities, civil society interests, and technical and financial partners. The program's beneficiaries are West African agricultural producers and traders, food processors and distributors, and consumers. Hundreds of professional and technical staff from member governments will benefit from the proposed training activities to build organizational capacity and improve public sector service delivery. Dozens of non-government stakeholders will be invited to participate in training and information sharing activities to strengthen member organizations, improve coordination of private sector interests, and increase advocacy capacity for ECOWAP measures.




Under the general supervision of the Director of Agriculture and Rural Development and the direct supervision of the ECOWAP/CAADP Monitoring and Evaluation Officer, the incumbent will manage the technical facilitation of the Regional Joint Sector Review (RJSR) process and support the management of the knowledge management system as part of the ECOWAP monitoring and evaluation mechanism.



  • Provide technical support to the RJSR Secretariat and Steering Committee in the conduct of their activities and meetings;
  • Provide technical support for the development of terms of reference, curricula, and workshop guidelines for the RJSR;
  • Direct the production of the RJSR baseline report and oversee the production of other technical reports for the RJSR;
  • Lead the production of the RJSR workshop report;
  • Support for the production of the Direction for Agriculture and Rural Development (DARD)’s Monitoring and Evaluation Report;
  • Support coordination of the regional M&E working group;
  • Complete and periodically lead the process of updating the ECOWAP indicator profile to ensure that it is up to date with revisions at the continental  levels;
  • Support the data collection process for ECOWAP indicators;
  • Provide other technical support to conduct the RJSR.


  • Minimum of a master's degree in agricultural economics, economics, or a related field;
  • Minimum of 10 years of experience conducting policy research and monitoring and evaluating policies in the ECOWAS region;
  • Good knowledge of the ECOWAP monitoring and evaluation mechanism;
  • Good experience in supporting joint sector reviews;
  • Good experience supervising and conducting research.


  • Ability to write a concept note/proposal and develop a budget.
  • Ability to lead a team of interns/youth and instill a spirit of teamwork to engage employees and complete a well-defined set of activities;
  • Ability to solve problems that arise with minimal direction and/or recommend and explain solutions or alternatives for approval;
  • Contribute to the maintenance of the organizational unit's goals and performance standards;
  • Interpersonal skills and ability to keep stakeholders informed of project progress or setbacks in terms of timeliness, quality and quantity;
  • Knowledge of ECOWAS internal operational requirements for programs, projects, services and systems needed to achieve missions and performance goals;
  • Knowledge and ability to apply techniques to generate creative ideas and new approaches to achieve goals.


Working Conditions
  • Ability to produce quality work in a fast-paced environment with high daily pressure to meet deadlines;
  • Ability to work atypical hours as needed or required to meet set deadlines;
  • Ability to work indoors in an office environment, whether cubicles, open offices or private offices;
  • Familiar with normal office noise levels.


Language Requirements
  • Oral and written English.
  • Knowledge of French is considered an important asset.


Place, Duration and Start of the Contract
  • The candidate will be based at the ECOWAS Directorate of Agriculture and Rural Development in Abuja, Nigeria;
  • The candidate will be placed under the direction of the ECOWAS Director of Agriculture and Rural Development, and under the direct supervision of the ECOWAP/CAADP Monitoring andEvaluation
  • Officer of the Directorate of Agriculture and Rural Development;
  • The term of the contract is twelve (12) months with the possibility of renewal depending on the availability of funds and the performance of the consultant;
  • The mission will begin within two weeks of the signature of the contract for intellectual services.
Candidate's Application Requirements

They will consist of:

  • A letter of interest, including the time frame for availability;
  • A recent résumé detailing work experience and similar missions;
  • Three professional references (full names, positions, emails and phone contacts);
  • Copy of highest degree(s);
  • Copies of work or service certificates listed on the résumé.


NB: Any incomplete application will be rejected.



The candidate must not be older than 48 years old at the time of the application, must be in excellent physical condition for long meetings and extensive potential travel within ECOWAS Member States and outside the Community, as required.


Submission of Applications

Submission of ApplicationApplications shall be received no later than 1st July 2021. at 5 pm GMT, by hand delivery or by email to the following address: Agence Régionale pour l'Agriculture et l'Alimentation (ARAA), 83, rue de la s Pâture (Super Taco), 01 BP 4817 Lomé, Togo - Tel. +228 22 21 40 03 (in a sealed envelope marked "Selection of an individual consultant, Monitoring and Evaluation Expert to support the implementation of the ECOWAP-USAID's 2021-2023 operational plan".

Email: In the subject line: "Selection of an individual consultant, monitoring and evaluation expert to support the implementation of the ECOWAP-USAID's 2021-2023 operational plan".

NB: Applications that do not include the following in the subject line "Selection of an individual consultant, monitoring and evaluation expert to support the implementation of the ECOWAP-USAID’s 2021-2023 operational plan" will not be considered.


Selection Method

The consultant will be selected according to the qualification-based selection method as defined in the ECOWAS Public Procurement Code. An interview session will be held with a shortlist of candidates and only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

The RAAF reserves the right not to respond to this call for applications