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Commemoration of the 49th Anniversary of ECOWAS in Togo : Representation and ECOWAS agencies engage with students at the University of Kara

49ième anniversaire de la CEDEAO au Togo

This May 28, 2024, the Representation and ECOWAS agencies based in Lomé, including the Regional Agency for Agriculture and Food (ARAA), the Project Preparation and Development Unit (PPDU), and the Brown Card, commemorated the day of the creation of ECOWAS at the University of Kara under the theme "Strengthening Regional Unity, Peace, and Security". This event brought together students, professors, ECOWAS representatives, local authorities, associations, NGOs, and numerous other guests, all driven by the common desire to promote regional integration.

Since its creation on May 28, 1975, ECOWAS has been committed to building a fully integrated community of peoples in a peaceful, prosperous region with strong institutions that respect fundamental freedoms. For this commemoration, ECOWAS selected four (4) major themes, namely:

  • The economic agenda and integration of ECOWAS, aimed at highlighting ECOWAS efforts in regional economic integration through topics such as monetary union, the Common External Tariff (CET), the free movement of people and goods, and strengthening economic cooperation among member states to foster economic development and prosperity in the region.
  • The peace and security agenda of ECOWAS: a protocol concerning the mechanism for prevention, management, settlement of conflicts, peacekeeping, and security, which aims to emphasize the initiatives and mechanisms put in place by ECOWAS to prevent, manage, and resolve conflicts, as well as maintain peace and security in the region.
  • ECOWAS Vision 2050: ECOWAS of the peoples: Peace and Prosperity for all, strategic objectives 2022-2026 of ECOWAS. This session highlights ECOWAS's long-term vision for the future of the region. The goal is to chart a roadmap for the region's future, focusing on peace, prosperity, and the well-being of citizens.
  • Human capital in the service of regional and economic integration: the contribution of the University of Kara, 20 years after its creation. This theme highlights the crucial role of human capital, especially in the context of regional and economic integration. By showcasing the contributions of the University of Kara, created 20 years ago, the aim is to demonstrate how education and skills development can support ECOWAS's goals of regional integration and economic development.

This conference aimed to raise awareness and inform the population, particularly in Kara, about ECOWAS's vision and mission. It emphasized progress made in various key areas such as the free movement of people and goods, peace and security mechanisms, as well as persistent challenges such as political instability, armed conflicts, and socio-economic inequalities. By addressing opportunities such as strengthening regional integration and cooperation, as well as economic growth and market development, this event provided ideas for enhancing economic integration and consolidating peace and stability.

In his address, the ECOWAS Resident Representative in Togo, Mr. Barros Bacar BANJAI, highlighted the current leadership of the ECOWAS Commission in line with Vision 2050, which aims to translate the citizens' wish to live together, without barriers, in safety and good health, to achieve shared prosperity, respecting fundamental rights. He emphasized the importance of unity and peace, without which no development is possible. ECOWAS Vision 2050 values the paradigm of a Community of peoples seeking Peace, Stability, and Prosperity for all.

The commemoration of ECOWAS Day in partnership with the University of Kara, which also commemorates its China Anniversary this year 2024, illustrates ECOWAS and its agencies' commitment to working with all partners, especially youth, to promote the ideals of cooperation and integration advocated by ECOWAS.

In the current context of political instability and humanitarian security crisis, it is urgent to come together to address the complex challenges facing the region. These include, among others, armed conflicts, political tensions, and humanitarian crises that threaten the stability and well-being of the region's populations. To this end, ECOWAS and its member states are intensifying their efforts to respond to the urgent needs for peace, security, and development.

Plus de 1000 citoyens de la communauté célèbrent le 49ième anniversaire de la CEDEAO à Kara, au Togo


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